Scientists have disagreed with politicians in the projections of sea-level rise

Leading climatologists in the world believe that the sea level will rise by 0.63-1,32 meters by 2100 and by 1.67–of 5.61 meters to 2300 subject to current trends of anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases. These forecasts differ from those published by the international political organizations that specialize in climate issues. The results of the expert survey, conducted among 106 most cited authors of scientific publications to raise the level of the World ocean, published in the journal of Climate and Atmospheric Science.

To date, published thousands of papers on climate change and accompanying sea level rise. However, accumulated data and predictions are very different and do not form an overall picture that could be perceived in the same way politicians and the General public. Even when using the same mathematical models and generally accepted scenarios of anthropogenic emissions of climate scientists come to different predictions or no risk to give them. The number of publications increases each year and the confusion only increased

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