Scientists have predicted cognitive decline of people burning fossil fuels

By 2100, the cognitive functions of people may be significantly reduced, if humanity fails to limit emissions of greenhouse gases and the burning of fossil fuels. According to the article, published in the journal of GeoHealth, when the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air to a value of 930 ppm people expect a decreased ability to respond to stimuli by 25 percent and to make decisions and to think strategically by 50 percent.

Held in the buildings of schools and office buildings studies have shownthat increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air space reduces cognitive function: people have worse memory, concentration, visual perception and General ability to make decisions. According to the dataobtained in the study of Antarctic cores with relict air bubbles of Homo sapiens over the last 800 thousand years have not seen the content of CO2 of more than 300 ppm (parts per million) in the open air, but at the moment it is already about 400 ppm. Over the cities this figure is higher at 60 ppm, and the interior (even well ventilated) can grow to twice and more.

According to scenarios of future anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions RCP4.5 and RCP8.5, by 2100 the concentration of CO2 in the air reached 540 ppm and 930 ppm, respectively. For the implementation of RCP4.5 humanity will have to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and partly go to alternative energy and reduce the use of fossil fuels. RCP8.5 — a scenario which implies the absence of restrictions on emissions, and at the moment the situation is developing in accordance with it.

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