Scientists met in the Black sea Dolphin-albino

During the expedition to study cetaceans in the Black and Azov seas, a team of researchers from the Institute of biology of the southern seas RAS was able to meet a Dolphin albino. Individual unusual color refers to the bottlenose dolphins — a species which is becoming in the Black sea more and more rare. For all the time of the expedition the team recorded only two large groups of bottlenose dolphins, noted in the press-service of the Institute received by the editors N + 1. Other marine mammals — porpoises and dolphins-dolphins — were more numerous.

In the Black and Azov seas there are three species of cetaceans — porpoises (Phocoena phocoena), belobochka (Delphinus delphis) and bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus). Unfortunately, to survive they are increasingly difficult due to deteriorating the ecological status of these water bodies. In such a situation it is extremely important to regularly monitor the number of all three types. In addition, they are good indicators of health of marine ecosystems.

This year, scientists from the Institute of biology of the southern seas for the first time in thirty years conducted a full population of cetaceans in the Azov and Black seas. The work was carried out during 113 voyage of the research vessel “Professor vodyanitskii”.

To estimate the number of dolphins and porpoises, the researchers used several different techniques. They were watching for marine mammals from the deck, fixed met individuals with photographic equipment, and continuously recorded their audio signals from a hydrophone. This device allows you to hear “talk” of dolphins in a radius of two kilometers from the ship.

In one of the last days of the expedition, scientists were able to meet in the waters of the national nature Park “Tarhankutskiy” a very unusual Dolphin — the bottlenose Dolphin, painted in pure white color. The last time another individual with the same anomaly was seen in the Black sea seven years ago.

According to the employee of the Karadag scientific station name Vyazemsky Natalia Makeeva, bottlenose Dolphin-an albino is a young individual that is held in tandem with larger relative, perhaps his mother. Unfortunately, despite her young age, unusual Dolphin has suffered from human: on its caudal peduncle was seen deep scars, the characteristics of the wound rotor. In General, the state of a young bottlenose Dolphin is satisfactory, however, the researchers worried that her family may migrate in the field of fishing fishery outside the Park, where they face many dangers.

Human activities have led to the fact that the black sea bottlenose dolphins have become a rare species in the waters of the former USSR. For all the time of the expedition, scientists only twice saw large groups of dolphins numbering about twenty individuals. This is consistent with the data, which for many years were collected by the staff of the Karadag biological station.

According to scientists, bottlenose dolphins are coastal lifestyle so often other black sea cetaceans face the consequences of human activities such as excessive fishing, pollution of the coastline and unrestricted tourism. All these factors exacerbated the plight of the endangered population and provide little chance for her recovery.

The status of other kinds of more stable. The best feeling of belobochka, which the participants of the expedition met much more frequently than bottlenose dolphins and porpoises. In some protected areas of the Black sea, for example, in the area Opuscula nature reserve, these dolphins are still common. This is due to the presence of fodder, which is not disrupted fishing.

Dolphins are among the most intelligent of marine life. However, until now they have not been seen for a transfer of skills to other dogs his age. For the first time this behavior was able to detect the Indian bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops aduncus) inhabiting waters West of Australia. It turned out that they learn how to pull the fish from the shells of shellfish, from an unrelated friendly individuals.

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