Scotland will experience the delivery of tests COVID-19 drones

The national health service of Scotland has signed with the British company Skyports agreement on the testing and delivery of various medicines using drones. As written by Aviation Week, in the first place we are talking about urgent delivery of tests COVID-19 and PPE.

Scotland is a country with diverse topography, which includes plains and mountainous terrain. In addition, Scotland is and the Islands adjacent to the Northern part of the island of great Britain. Because of this, even urgent delivery of important cargo from one country to another can take several hours.

It is assumed that the drones will significantly reduce the time required for the delivery of important cargo. During the tests, the drones will carry the tests and protective equipment between hospital Lorn & Islands in Oban on the island of Britain and hospital, Mull & Iona Community on the Isle of mull. Their share is about 17 kilometres, much of the route passes over the water.

According to preliminary estimates, thanks to drones delivery tests COVID-19 will be available within 15 minutes after receipt of the request. Currently it takes about 6 hours — the load being taken by car and ferry.

For the delivery of tests and remedies will be used Wingcopter drones with vertical take-off and landing and horizontal flight capability for an aircraft. One such device is able to carry loads weighing up to 6 kilos in the cargo Bay, attach it to the bottom.

Earlier U.S. startup ThereCraft presented a draft of the drone aircraft type YCS17, which can be used for immediate delivery of cargo without landing. Tests of the model conducted from December 2019.

According to the project on arrival to the destination YCS17 makes a dive, falling to a minimum distance from the ground and drops the package with the load. After that the machine goes into a steep climb and returns to the starting point.

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