Scythian “warrior” from Tuva was a girl

geneticists said floor Scythian child, whose mummy was discovered in 1988 in the cemetery of Saryg-Bulun in Tuva, reported in the journal Stratum Plus. It turned out that it was a girl, not a boy as I thought for a long time. Most likely, she was raised as a warrior. Researchers this fact is recalled Gorodotska retelling of myths devoted to the Amazons.

The burial mounds of the Scythians often find in Europe, in the basins of Danube, Dnieper and don, but in Siberia, they also have. The complex of such mounds found in the Central Tuva, on the right Bank of the Upper Yenisei. Burial Saryg-Bulun contained seven burials, and in one of them, Burial 5, found a deck made of larch wood, and in it the mummy of a teenager 12-14 years. Considering that besides her in the deck were the bow, quiver, arrows, and mint, at first, the archaeologists decided that this boy and what he was trained to become a warrior.

Now the staff of the Institute of material culture ofn Academy of Sciences under the guidance of Marina Kilanowski together with colleagues from the Moscow physical-technical Institute re-examined the mummy, her clothes and items from the deck. They carried out a radiocarbon analysis of bone fragments and arrows, drew attention to the structure of the lugs and lack of a tail. Of three teeth and skin (she is a mummy preserved in the face; probably because of poor access of oxygen and the abundance of essential oils secreted by the larch) received the genetic material for whole genome sequencing. Also hairs from the coat, which was dressed and buried, compared with wool of various mammals.

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