Sega “reissued” portable console Game Gear

The company Sega introduced a smaller version of console portable Game Gear, the original version of which was released in 1990. The device has a similar construction, but does not support the cartridge and only works with built-in games, and they are different consoles for different colors. Due to the small screen to one of the versions of the device, the set includes a superimposed magnifying glass. Sale Game Gear Micro in Japan will start on 6 October at a price of about $ 50.

In the last couple of years several major manufacturers of gaming consoles and games released to the market a modern version of the once popular devices: Nintendo have created a new version of the NES, and then SNES, Sony released the first PlayStation, and Sega has released a modern version of the Mega Drive (Genesis). They all have similar to their original versions of the design, though reduced size, do not support the cartridges or disks, and inside them are ARM processors with the emulator and downloaded games. However, for most people it is much more simple and often the cheapest way to play old games with almost the original gamepad than buying an old console with the right cartridges.

But all of these devices recreate the stationary console connected to a TV. Sega was the first among the major manufacturers, which released a portable gaming console. It is based on the Game Gear — the Sega, which computational components was almost similar fixed Sega Master System, but had a portable form factor. The main difference from a market leader in those times, the Nintendo Game Boy was the colour screen with backlight.

In the new version of the Game Gear Micro has almost the same design, control buttons and 3.5 mm connector. It, however, there is no slot for cartridges, and instead of six AA batteries the device requires two AAA (console can also be charged via USB). The main difference from the old version that the new one has a much smaller size: 8 4.3 2 cm. Sega claims that the volume of the console was 92 percent less than the original version. The main problem that brought this reduction is
the console screen with a resolution of 240 by 180 pixels has a diagonal of 1.15
inches. This collector’s version will contain patch accessory with a magnifying glass.

Sega has chosen an unusual approach for built-in games. In the console, each color will have its own set of four games and each of them are only available on this model. At the same time, probably, as in the case of updated Nintendo, Sony and Sega, enthusiasts will quickly find a way of hacking the device and add new games.

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