Service “Google Photos” give the users the wrong video

During export of user archives the “Google Photos” included in them other people’s videos, according to a letter received affected users. The error affected about a thousandth of the users used the export function, and at the moment is already fixed, according to 9to5google, citing a Google statement.

Google Photos is a service that allows you to automatically backup photos and videos from your smartphone and synchronize them between devices. According to Google Play, the app “Google Photos” was installed over a billion times, and it is available in the App Store.

Photos and videos from the service can be downloaded manually as well as through service “Google Archiver”, which allows you to download data from any Google service. In early February, Twitter user John Oberheide (Jon Oberheide) published a letter from Google, which stated that from 21 to 25 November 2019 “Google Photos” by mistake included some videos in the archives of other users, so the files may be incomplete or contain the wrong video.

The company apologized and assured that the error has been corrected. However, in response to the clarification, she refused to provide the user with a list of his video got into the wrong archives. Google says that the error affected 0.01% of users “Google Photos” trying to archive data.

Previously, researchers from Google discovered a group of sites, having come on which iOS users discreetly receive malware, including receiving access to all photos on the device. The study showed that attacks occurred in the past two years, and attackers regularly updated code to work with newer versions of iOS.

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