Setpowermode helped create supergirly light

Physicists were the first to construct chiral light with arbitrary angular momentum with the help of metaphores. Scientists have shown that the constructed system allows you to create light with extremely high angular momentum. Work published in the journal Nature Photonics.

Chirality is a term used for systems that do not have mirror symmetry. It is often used in chemistry to characterize compounds. For example, chemical compounds of aromas of lemon and orange differ only in the chirality, i.e. they are identical up to mirroring.

Physical objects, such as light, also have chirality. In the General case of chiral light carries spin and orbital angular moments. Theoretically, these angular points can be controlled, leading to the creation of structured light, however, in practice, the control of chirality is a complex but highly relevant task. Structured light can be used for optical control of molecules, Metrology and communications.

A group of physicists under the guidance of Professor Andrew Forbes (Andrew Forbes) from FromUniversity of the Witwatersrand has created a source of chiral light with a very high angular momentum. To do this, scientists have developed and manufactured setpowermode, which constitute the dielectric environment of titanium oxide, deposited on a substrate of fused silica. This netpowersoft creates different azimuthal phase delays for the different components of the polarization field, which leads to a “tightening” of the world.

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