Shock drone “Altius” learn Autonomous flight

Enterprises of then military-industrial complex began developing the upgraded version of shock unmanned aerial vehicle “Altius”. As write “news” with reference to sources in the military-industrial complex, the unit will be the on-Board system with elements of artificial intelligence, through which the UAV can operate in automatic mode.

Modern UAVs most of the flight stages are controlled by operators from earth. Large reconnaissance vehicles are controlled by two people: one operator responsible for the flight of the drone, the second — for management of its payload.

Upgraded “Altius” will be in real-time to obtain intelligence information about the location of the air defense systems of the enemy and with its view automatically calculate the safest route of flight to the target.

“Altius” will also be able to identify and prioritize targets and can hit them blows. In addition, the upgraded drone will be able to communicate with the su-57. The pilot of the su-57 would be able to control the “Altius”. Other details about the promising system for the impact of the drone were not disclosed.

Developers plan to install new equipment on the UAV until the end of the year. Then will be testing the apparatus.

The development of the drone “Altius” is from 2011. Initially, work on the project led the Design Bureau named Simon. It created at least three flight model called the “Altius-M”. At the end of 2018, the defense Ministry gave the project the Ural works of civil aviation. The first flight of the unmanned version “Altius-In” was held in August last year.

Maximum takeoff weight of “Altius-U” is 6 tons with a length of 12 meters and a wingspan of about 30 meters. The device is able to stay in the air for about 48 hours. The drone is designed for reconnaissance from a height of 12 thousand meters. The flight range of the machine is about ten thousand kilometers. “Altius-I” can carry a payload weighing up to 2 tons.

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