Shock drone experienced a launch reconnaissance drone

Specialists of the US Army, together with representatives of the General Atomics Aeronautical Systems and Area-I tested the shock unmanned aerial vehicle MQ-1C Gray Eagle launching small reconnaissance drone Altius-600. As writes Flightglobal, the tests took place on the ground in Yuma, Arizona on 11 and 18 June, but they became known only now.

Currently the us military is exploring various opportunities to extend the functionality of existing unmanned systems. It is assumed that due to the small drones, big impact the devices will be able to conduct reconnaissance and surveillance without going in range of air defense systems of the enemy.

In addition, due to the small drones it is possible to transmit intelligence to a considerable distance. In this case, an attack drone becomes a repeater between the reconnaissance drones and ground station operator.

During the tests, the MQ-1C launch drones Altius experts have tested the communications systems and relay signals. During testing, the UAV control was carried out using a laptop which have replaced the standard control station. The latter is placed in the transport container. Other details on the audits are not disclosed.

Earlier it was reportedthat during testing it was planned to launch several Altius-600 UAV MQ-1C, which were to fly off the carrier at 60 to 80 kilometers. Technically MQ-1C depending on configuration can carry 12 to 14 miniature reconnaissance drones.

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