Shooting without consequences

Anti-satellite missile

The American military began to declare that is pursuing an anti-satellite weapon tests, in August 2014. Then, the Space command of the USAF (in 2019 at its base was established the Space command of the United States) announced that then developers from the Plesetsk cosmodrome conducted the first flight or throwing tests interceptor missile, advanced systems “Nudol”. It is assumed that the verification was unsuccessful, but a foregone conclusion that the military did not. At the same time, the us military announced that has become a serious threat to space assets of the United States and allied countries. Tested a rocket the Americans were assigned the designation PL-19 — the object found at the site No. 19 in Plesetsk.

The second missile test “Nudol”, also were unsuccessful, according to the Pentagon, took place in April of 2015. The third test, held in November of 2015 was the first successful, and, as stated by the us military, it has definitely wore ASAT character. The fourth and fifth starts were made in may and December 2016 and was also successful. The sixth and seventh runs were held in March and December 2018. In these cases, anti-satellite missile launched from a mobile launcher. These tests also proved successful. According to us intelligence, in all cases, anti-satellite missiles were launched from the Plesetsk cosmodrome on a notional space purposes, on suborbital trajectories, or for some space objects.

At the time of all tests published in the NOTAM system (system of notification of crew of aircraft) warning of the danger of flying in airspace over the Barents sea, Czech lips and the Laptev sea. Thus, the Ministry of defense of or othern authorities on the testing of any weapons during these dates are not reported, although the test launch of the 53T6 interceptors and upgraded 53Т6М on the territory of Kazakhstan range Sary Shagan in these and other years reported regularly. Missiles 53T6 and 53Т6М silo-based missiles used by the missile defense system of Moscow and the Central industrial region A-135 “Cupid.”

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