Skydio introduced Autonomous folding quadcopter for the military and businesses

American company Skydio presented X2 foldable quadcopter, designed for industrial and military use. As with previous models, the new drone is equipped with multiple cameras for fully Autonomous detection and avoidance of obstacles on your way. It also comes with a block for shooting with two cameras, one of which takes in the visible range and the other in infrared. Sales drone will begin at the end of the year.

Drones are mainly used for entertainment, Amateur and professional shooting, but the mass distribution of drones and high quality cameras has also allowed to simplify and make safer a professional operation, for example, inspection of power lines. When working close to objects increases the risk that a drone will collide with him and fall. In the part of drones, mainly from DJI, however, an automatic avoidance of collisions, but while most manufacturers it is far from perfect and acts quite gently, thereby slowing down or not giving fly up close to the object.

In 2018 Skydio submitted quadcopter R1, and a half later, released his second version. The main feature of both the drones is the ability of fully Autonomous flight with multiple cameras, components of the volumetric map of the environment around and not giving a drone to crash into obstacles. The company has positioned it as a flying camera for shooting sports or races, although the potential possibility of Autonomous flight close to obstacles could be useful in many industrial operations.

Skydio now introduced a Quad X2 for the troops and businesses. The most noticeable difference from previous models is a foldable case. X2 uses the standard scheme with two pairs of shoulders that can be folded along the body. Near each screw located wide-angle camera with a resolution of 4K. A total of six cameras in the new models they are used not only for navigation, but to shoot a single 360-degree videos with a hundredfold increase in a particular area through a combination of data from the main camera and digital processing.

The main unit of the camera consists of two sensors: a 12-megapixel color matrix and the matrix for the registration of far infrared FLIR Boson with a resolution of 320 by 256 pixels. The unit is mounted on a three axes gimbal for stabilization, which allows you to adjust the vertical tilt of 180 degrees.

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