Small flamingos fighting over a trough of water

British researchers found that the aggressiveness of the small Flamingo (Phoeniconaias minor) in captivity because of limited resources. To do this, scientists within three years, followed by 45 flamingos in one of the British reserves. In the case when the bird has to crowd together at the trough with water, they spent less time on the search for food and often attacked other canines. Article published in the journal Ethology.

The pink color of flamingoes provide natural pigments carotenoids, which in large quantities contained in algae — their primary food: accordingly, the brightness of the plumage of a Flamingo depends on how successfully they find their own food. As flocks of flamingos are very numerous (some reach a million individuals), the search for food involves a certain competition that may result in intraspecific aggression. In fact, in such a situation should be the brightest individuals, as they eat better than others, but still it is not clear what explains the aggressiveness of flamingos and, consequently, ensures their success in high competition.

To examine this issue more Paul rose (Paul Rose) from Exeter University and Laura RS (Laura Soole) from Specialskola College in Winchester for three years they followed 45 small flamingos that live in Slimbridge water reserve in the UK. Flamingo has had access to four ways to search for food in the water trough, a closed water reservoir, open the reservoir and pond.

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