Smart pen will reproduce the speech of the lecturer by clicking on the handwritten text

The company NeoLAB, which produces smart pens, duplicating handwritten text in electronic form, presented on Kickstarter synchronized with her voice recorder: it allows you click on any part of the handwritten text and hear the audio recording at the same time. The developers suggest that this will allow you to do at lectures or meetings, short notes, and, if necessary, to listen to the full speech of the lecturer or conversationalist.

For several years there are serial pen that can transmit to a smartphone digitized copy of the text, even on the fly. As a rule, they are almost similar: in the bottom of the handle there is a small camera that focuses on marks on paper, so at any time knows where the end of the handle. Of course, this handle must be accompanied by a special notebook or paper with labels, but the accuracy of digitizing becomes quite high.

This is a convenient way to store notes or records from the Notepad on your smartphone or computer, but it does not solve a typical problem notes: a man writes to them only in fragments, often out of context, so sometimes such records can be difficult to remember exactly what was discussed.

Developers of smart pens NeoLAB presented a device that solves this problem. In fact, it is a simple and small recorder (9.6 cm in length and 2.7 in width), but it connects to the pen via Bluetooth. Pen while writing matches all records in which they were made, so clicking on any word it gives the recorder a command to playback the recording from that point.

The device can record for ten hours, and in addition to dynamics it also has a 3.5 mm audio Jack. At the time of this writing, the Kickstarter campaign has collected about half of the required ten thousand dollars. Early buyers can buy the device for $ 48 or a set with a pen and notebooks for $ 87. The company started the production of devices, therefore first deliveries to customers will begin in July.

In addition to smart pens that are compatible with the special paper, there are also scanners handwriting — also like a handle she can hold on is already written and handwritten text to a digital text version of the smartphone, as well as hear through the internal speaker.

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