Sony has offered to create a virtual partner for games and movies

Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed a patent application on a character, which, together with the user plays games or watches movies. It can respond to the emotions of the user, congratulated him on his victories or failures while in the game. The authors admit that the character can embody in virtual and real robot.

The popularity of multiplayer games for several reasons. For a long time, one of them was the fact that computer opponents are not so strong as rivals-people, but over time this difference is erased. However, the main component of the desire to play with others or against them is social interaction. Studies showthat the ability to communicate with other players during the game increases the enjoyment from it. Especially increases involvement in the game direct presence of a number of partner or rival, but for various reasons this is not always possible.

In General, the idea to use a robot companion that could play with the user cannot be called new. For example, such a robot produced by Nintendo in 1980: he was holding the controller and using almost imperceptible flash on the screen received the command from the console. In a similar way, acted another Japanese robot, created in 2015. But these developments were mainly aimed at the very the game.

Researchers from Sony suggested to use these computer companions primarily for the emotional support of the user. The authors of the patent application assuming that the robot will be able to understand the feelings of the user during the game or view the content and respond to them, expressing their positive or negative emotion words or body movements. The researchers suggest that this will strengthen the bond between man and character, as well as increase the motivation and satisfaction of user during the game. The character can not only watch the game, but also to participate as a partner or opponent.

The authors describe the different incarnations of the character. It can be made in the form of a robot, like people or animals. In this case, he will be able to sit next to the user and he will either move independently or with the help of a man. The character can be virtual, if the user uses a virtual reality helmet.

Researchers are not the first time noted that even the mere presence of the robot may have a positive influence on people. For example, a recent study by American scientists found outthat expressing your emotions robots improve the interaction in groups of people.

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