SpaceX conducted a test firing of the prototype Starship SN4

Starship SN4 passed a test firing with a single engine Raptor was announced by Elon Musk on Twitter. Initially the test was delayed for about a day, but today was successful.

Starship — advanced super-heavy SpaceX reusable rocket, which, according to the plans, will be able to deliver people to Mars and back. It moved on schedule after previous prototype SN3 exploded during the tests the pressure at the beginning of April. SpaceX solved the problem, and a week ago, SN4 passed the compression test.

After successful crimping on the fifth of may was appointed as the burn engine which, however, the day did not take place, and the broadcast only showed half-second burst of flame. Officially, the event company has not commented on, and commentators are divided: some have suggested that it was a test of the gas generator (small combustion engines of the closed cycle), the other that the test was interrupted because of a suspicious readings.

Finally, on the morning of the sixth of may Moscow time test firing took place. One set Raptor engine worked for a few seconds, and then the staff passed out.

Now, SpaceX plans to launch SN4 in a short jump of 150 meters, its exact date is unknown, but the company requested a radio frequency for “test, with a maximum height of 2 km,” which she will provide starting on 20 may. Flying for a few kilometers will be able to go only next prototype SN5, which already collect and which will have three engine Raptor.

Tests of space equipment continue despite the quarantine. Yesterday was launched in a test flight of the Chinese manned spacecraft of new generation, and at the end of may will be the mission of the spacecraft Crew Dragon crew on Board.

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