“Spektr-RG” has completed the first x-ray survey of the entire sky

telescope ART-XC, installed on the space Observatory “Spektr-RG”, successfully completed its first survey of the entire sky in x-rays, which took six months. Now, astronomers will need to find a new map separate x-ray sources and determine their nature, reported on the website of the space research Institute of RAS.

The launch of then-German space Observatory “Spektr-RG” was held July 13, 2019. It is equipped with two x-ray mirror telescopes — wide anglen ART-XC and eROSITA German. The main purpose of the Observatory is to conduct a deep survey of the entire sky in soft and hard x-ray bands, more information can be read in our material “We will carry out a total census”. According to the plan “Spektr-RG” needs to work in space for at least 6.5 years, taking the observation from the vicinity of the Lagrange point L2 in the system “Sun — Earth”.

In December last year, the Observatory began its scientific program, and on June 10, 2020 ART-XC completed its first survey of the entire sky in the energy range of x-ray quanta 4-12 Kev, which allowed scientists to build a map of the celestial sphere with the record angular resolution less than one arc minute. Earlier comparable detail had only a map of the sky built on the basis of data collected in the soft x-ray range 30 years ago space Observatory ROSAT and hard x-ray range there were cards with a worse angular resolution.

Now astronomers need to highlight on the map an individual x-ray sources and determine their nature. The Observatory will continue its work in the next 3.5 years ART-XC will play another seven surveys of the sky to make a sky map is more detailed.

Earlier we talked about how the “Spektr-RG” saw a revival of the black hole proved the dual identity of the only and considered the Mouse in the center of the milky Way.

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