Stratolaunch presented hypersonic gliders and reusable spaceplane

Company Stratolaunch presented updated designs of three aircraft, which it plans to launch from under the wing Stratolaunch Model 351 — plane with the biggest wing in the world (117,3 m). In active development is only one of them, which is a hypersonic glider to fly at speeds of from five to seven Mach numbers, it needs to start flights in 2022.

Almost all launch vehicles will start with ground-based launch sites, but the scheme has run, there are alternatives in the form of sea launch and air. Initially, Stratolaunch has created a system of air launch, which could compete with traditional boosters lung and even the middle class (the rocket MLV Heavy was put into orbit up to six tons of cargo). However, after the death of founder Paul Allen’s Stratolaunch have started to have problems, because of which it had to abandon its own missiles in favor of the Pegasus XL is already used, change the owner, and then completely to refuse from space launches for at least the next few years.

As the goal for the next few years Stratolaunch chose hypersonic research, which have intensified in recent time because of development of hypersonic weapons. The company plans to use Stratolaunch Model 351 to reset the hypersonic rocket gliders that will carry tools and equipment third party customers who are interested in conducting research.

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