Strike UAV will experience a launch reconnaissance drones

American company General Atomics in the summer of 2020 will conduct the impact tests of the unmanned aerial vehicle MQ-1C Gray Eagle run miniature reconnaissance drones. As reports Flightglobal, during testing, the UAV will launch drones Altius, which involved the development of the company Area-I.

The developers suggest that the drone carrier can fly long distance, will have the goal to produce many small drones that will conduct reconnaissance. In this case, the media will play the role of a repeater is through his will be transmitted control signals to a pack of drones and the information results from the tactical drones.

According to the test plan, during the tests of miniature drones after launch will fly off the MQ-1C, for a distance of 60 to 80 kilometers. Removal of drones from the carrier is limited to the range of the communication system. Later Altius will be equipped with more powerful communication systems, making the range of their validity will increase to 300 kilometers.

How many drones Altius will be running during the tests is not specified. Technically MQ-1C depending on configuration can carry 12 to 14 miniature reconnaissance drones. During the tests all run as the MQ-1C devices will be controlled via ground station and the carrier itself will act as a repeater.

The American military conducted tests drone Altius over the past couple of years. In 2018, tests were conducted in which the apparatus Altius was launched with aircraft fire support AC-130J Ghostrider. The tests were carried out in the framework of the project TOBS (an offboard Sensing Tactical, tactical outdoor detection).

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