T-14 was tested in Syria

Futuren main battle tank T-14, created on the basis of a unified heavy tracked platform combat vehicles “Armata”, was combat tested in Syria. About it as reports “Interfax”, the TV channel “Russia-1” said the Minister of industry and trade of Denis Manturov. According to him, tests in the country passed several cars.

Russia’s military operation in Syria is from September 2015. Its stated aims are the fight against terrorist groups and support of the current Syrian government. Fighting then military and used for tests of advanced military equipment.

In particular, previously tested by the Syrian conditions were bombers su-24M with new guidance systems, attack helicopters Ka-52K “Katran”, the su-57, combat vehicle tank support “Terminator”, “Pantsir-S1” and other equipment.

Testing new military equipment in combat conditions, allows to identify possible shortcomings in its design that are difficult or impossible to detect during a routine military operation in a peaceful environment.

How many T-14 was tested in Syria, Manturov said. According to him, the results of the tests on the design can be modified to give it a “final appearance”. Deliveries of serial T-14 to the troops is scheduled for 2021. 2022 on the machine you plan to export passport, after which T-14 will be offered to foreign countries.

In December last year, Deputy defense Minister of Alexei Krivoruchko saidthat the future main battle tank T-14 passed the pre-test. According to him, preliminary tests were also infantry fighting vehicle T-15, too, developed on the basis of “Almaty was.”

T-14 is equipped with a complex of active protection and smoothbore 2A82 main gun caliber 125 mm. Tower of the new tank — uninhabitable. The whole crew, including the gunner, are located in the crew quarters in the hull. In addition, the T-14 got seven rinks. This allows to reduce the specific pressure of a chassis per unit area of the surface on which the tank moves, and thus increase its permeability.

“Armata” can reach speeds up to 90 miles per hour, and the reserve tank on the highway will be about 500 kilometers. The combat weight of the tank is 55 tonnes. To date, Uralvagonzavod was awarded the order to supply 100 tanks T-14, slightly more than 20 of which are already built and undergoing various tests.

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