Tablet from the East

Where it came from

Aviamir — trade name of an drug which was developed by then direct investment Fund (RDIF) and a group of companies “Chemrar”. However, the active ingredient of the drug was not invented in our country.

International nonproprietary name — favipiravir (favipiravir). This game was developed by employees of the Japanese company Toyama Chemical , a subsidiary company of Fujifilm Corporation Pharmaceuticals.

According to its chemical structure, favipiravir — derived 6-fluoro-3-oxo-3,4-dihydropyrazine-2-carboxylic acid, or pyrazinecarboxamide. During the screening of chemical libraries employees of the company Toyama found that this ingredient may have activity against influenza virus: once the virus infected the cells, favipiravir turns into the activated form, inhibiting the activity of an important viral enzyme RNA-dependent RNA polymerase.

If “off” RNA polymerase, influenza viruses lose the ability to “print” in the infected cells own genetic material, RNA. As a result, the production of virus residing in the cells stops. This is the uniqueness of the drug — usually antiviral medications can only prevent the penetration of viruses in cells.

RNA-dependent RNA polymerase is not only in influenza viruses and all RNA viruses. Moreover, the catalytic domain of RNA-polymerase — the so-called area of the molecule, whereby the enzyme can in principle work in all RNA-viruses have the same structure. And since favipiravir associated with the catalytic domain of RNA-polymerase, the Japanese had reason to believe this substance is an antiviral agent of broad spectrum.

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