Tactical hypersonic missile PrSM will learn to hit moving targets

Specialists of the US Army conducted the first flight tests of the upgraded guidance system for the advanced tactical hypersonic missiles PrSM. As writes Breaking Defense, the upgraded system will allow the missile to strike moving land and sea targets. To develop the first prototype of the guidance system took about five years.

PrSM is developed as the replacement of obsolete munitions tactical complexes ATACMS, which is currently equipped with missiles with cluster warheads. In addition, the military is considering the possibility of using new ammunition for reactive systems of volley fire M270A1 MLRS and M142 HIMARS.

The new missile PrSM will be able to fly at a speed greater than 5 Mach numbers and in the first stage, to hit targets at ranges of up to 499 km. Later the range of the munition increases. Testing of the munition began in December 2019. Then the munition hit the target at the distance of 240 kilometers. During the second test in March, the distance was 180 miles, and during the third — 85 kilometers.

Currently, the munition is equipped with homing systems, inertial and GPS navigation and is capable of hitting stationary targets with high precision. The U.S. military intends to adopt a new missile into service in 2023. Under current plans, a new homing PrSM will receive in the framework of the modernization program in 2025.

During field tests new guidance system, a head secured to the gimbal on a small jet plane. In the tests conducted at the site “Redstone” in Alabama, the head was tracking a moving target in a variable landscape. These tests allowed to verify the correctness of the algorithms of head. The following tests are planned for the autumn.

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