“Tangwani-1” sent a photograph of the Earth and the moon

The Chinese national space administration has revealed the first picture obtained by the camera of the Mars mission “Tangwani-1” in space. You can see the Crescent Earth and moon, reported on the website of the Agency “Xinhua”.

The start of the first Chinese Martian mission “Tangwani-1” (“Questions to heaven”) was held on 23 July, 2020, was sent into space in the Orbiter and the landing craft carrying the Rover. The purpose of the mission is to simulate the process of flight to the red planet, the descent in the atmosphere and safe landing on the surface of Mars. The orbital probe will create a topographical map of the planet, to explore the ionosphere and the surface layer of Mars and look for water ice, in addition, it will work as a relay for the Rover. The landing platform will be used as the communication station for the Rover and take a picture of it. The Rover itself is equipped with cameras, ground-penetrating radar, magnetic field sensors, a meteorological station and instrument for chemical analysis of soil.

27 Jul 2020 “Tangwani-1” sent the first image taken from space. At the time of shooting the vehicles were at a distance of 1.2 million kilometers from our planet, this photograph shows the Crescent Earth and moon. At the moment all systems are operating normally, “Tanwani-1” is on the flight path to Mars.

It is expected that on February 11, 2021, the spacecraft will go into orbit around Mars, and on April 23 the landing platform needs to make a soft landing in the plain of Utopia, located in the Northern hemisphere of Mars. Estimated time of operation of the platform and the Rover is 90 sols (Martian days), but the scientific program can be extended.

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