Tectonics of the pandemic

Earthquakes in Central does not happen, and notable seismic events in Moscow — echoes of powerful earthquakes in other regions. In the capital felt, for example, the Carpathian earthquake of March 1977 and 7.4 magnitude earthquake sea Of Okhotsk in may 2013, whose magnitude reached to 8.3. In both cases, the tremors were felt mainly in the upper floors of buildings, where the intensity fluctuations do not exceed 2-3 points. But this does not mean that all the rest of the seismic stations can’t hear anything — they are constantly captures high-frequency seismic noise. Their sources — wind, waves in the ocean, and in addition, human activities: trains, subways, cars, planes, factories and power plants.

Since the start of the “Moscow isolation” capital execution felt a sharp decrease in the level of microseismic noise, said N+1 Ruslan Diaghilev, Deputy Director on scientific work of the United geophysical service RAS.

The illustration below shows the averaged power spectra of the microseismic noise according to the seismic station “Moscow”. The level calculation performed for three time intervals with a duration of two days. The first interval is Thursday and Friday of the previous working week, the second interval are days, the third is the Monday and Tuesday of this week, when the Muscovites were on home quarantine or isolation.

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