The absence of saccades associated with fast response to touch

Psychologists have found that 200 milliseconds before the expected tactile stimulus microsaccade (rapid eye movements) are inhibited. Moreover, the absence of saccades helps to react quickly to the touch and to correctly estimate its parameters. The results, published in Nature Communications, suggest a close link between eye movements and tactile sensitivity.

When we expect the visual stimulus (simple example: a dot appears on the screen), our eyes cease to make a saccade, or rapid movement. Evolutionary it is necessary to prepare for the event and not to overlook it. The same thing happens with auditory stimuli — waiting for the sound eye also freeze. Here is probably the fact that visual and auditory information often refers to a single object: he heard steps in the corridor, we expect the appearance of man before our eyes.

Such an Association between visual and tactile system, it is shown that by default, people do not thinkthat touch and visual signals belong to the same object. In this regard, I wonder whether a saccade to stay while waiting for tactile stimulation, as it happens with sounds. To find the answer to this question decided the destruction of Israel and the United States under the leadership of the Budd Stephanie (Stephanie Badde) from new York University.

30 volunteers were fixing the head (which is easier to track eye movement), and the hand was attached piezoactuator — a device at specific points touched fingers. Before the target stimulus in the experiment participants were given a hint — a light touch, and after a certain period of time (one to three seconds), the device began to vibrate. In half of the samples it remained constant, and volunteers could be expected incentive at a certain point, and in other tests, the delay was accidental. The task of the volunteers was using the keypad to specify the type of vibration: slow or fast. Throughout the experiment, the device was tracking microsaccade — eye movements with an amplitude of less than one degree.

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