The American turned on a radar gun manual 100-watt laser

American inventor and blogger Anthony Drake assembled and tested handheld laser, which is capable of delivering a constant power of 100 watts. In published YouTube video, the author shows that the laser power is enough to melt glass and burn the tin.

Over the last couple of decades lasers have risen dramatically in power. This applies not only to research facilities (e.g., physics from Tomsk, recently achieved a record generation of powerful pulses of laser radiation in the visible range with a power of 40 terawatts) or military developments, and civil laser — based blue diodes are created, for example, powerful spotlights and projectors.

The increased power of the radiation sources has led to the fact that consumer technology is already widely used lasers 4 class of danger and this is often used by enthusiasts, collecting powerful emitters with their hands. One of these inventors — Anthony Drake, who enjoys creating handmade of high power lasers. His latest project is a powerful handheld laser is assembled in the housing of the police radar.

The project used an array of 20 diodes, capable of delivering radiation with a capacity of 95 watt (according to Drake, the sample he got from the manufacturer via informal channels). In the case of radar packaged voltage regulator, temperature sensor, voltmeter and Li-ion batteries powering the device for about seven minutes of continuous operation. For the accumulation and removal of heat from the array of diodes used massive aluminum cylinder.

In order to overcome the symbolic threshold of 100 watts, the blogger decided to raise the regular power current from 3 amps to 3.2 amps. As a result, the laser is 2,000 times more powerful than conventional laser pointers with a power of 5 milliwatts.

Even without a lens collected the laser instantly burned raw wood, and after installation of the laser lens was able to be melted bottle glass and burned through a tin lid in seconds. According to Drake himself, they assembled the device — the world’s most powerful handheld laser constant power.

Another powerful laser project of the inventor — a 200-watt laser “Bazooka”. Anthony Drake gathered her in 2016 using four 50-watt laser from a broken DLP projectors.

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