The Americans are developing a new satellite system detect launches of ballistic missiles

Space forces USAF concluded with the American company Northrop Grumman a contract for the design and development of the first two satellites, which are planned to be included in the system of early detection of ballistic missiles. According to the message of the company, the transaction amounted to 2.37 billion dollars.

The early warning system for ballistic missile launches required for proper functioning of the missile defence system. With the help of various technical means, it is able to detect launches of ballistic missiles, as well as the media at the initial stage of the flight.

In the space component of the system of missile attack warning until the United States consists of ten satellites, infrared, and optical detection SBIRS and STSS. In February 2018, the U.S. air force has declared that intend to refuse from further development of the group of SBIRS/STSS.

Development of new satellites will be carried out in the framework of the project OPIR, sketched the design for which Northrop Grumman is engaged in 2018. Earlier it was reported that the military plans to form a group of five new satellites.

Initially, the contract to build and launch the first two satellites are planned to be signed after 2020, the first of these devices to bring into geosynchronous orbit in 2023 and the second into a polar orbit in 2027. The military assumed that the formation of a complete constellation of satellites will be completed by 2029.

According to the report, Northrop Grumman, now the design and development of the first two satellites are planned to be completed by 2025, and 2025 the company expects to receive a contract to produce satellites. Other details were not disclosed.

Previously, the Agency, the missile defense (MDA) has announced a tender to develop prototype systems of interception of hypersonic weapons. The ultimate goal of the program is the test of a prototype interceptor hypersonic gliders.

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