The Americans broke up the “super-duper” rocket to Mach 17

The us military in March 2020 has tested a strategic missile system with a hypersonic glider. As reported by CNN, citing sources in the Ministry of defense, during the tests the glider was flying at speed Mach 17. Held check was deemed successful. Other details of the tests of advanced weapons that may come into service until 2023, were not disclosed.

First test of hypersonic glider in March 2020, declared the US President Donald trump, calling him a “super-duper rocket”. No details about the test or the characteristics of the tested weapons he did not disclose. The U.S. Department of defense refused to comment on trump’s words. Some experts suggested then that the American President could speak about the prospective missile AGM-183A ARRW.

In February this year, the American company Lockheed Martin, are working in this aeroballistic rocket by order of the United States air force, defended the project of this ammunition. The rocket will be performed two-stage solid propellant propulsion stage, which will disperse ammunition to hypersonic speeds, and hypersonic glider. The adoption ARRW into trial operation is planned for 2022.

Shortly after the announcement of trump trials, “super-duper missiles,” the us military announced held in March, tests of a rocket complex with hypersonic glider C-HGB. It was the second test of the munition, which was flying at speeds over Mach 5 and, at the request of the military, successfully hit the target.

The development of a hypersonic glider C-HGB is engaged in a U.S. company Dynetics Technical Solutions for ordering the Army and Navy of the United States. The glider is a versatile machine that can be run from a ground-based launchers and from a submarine. C-HGB assumes that the glider rises and accelerates to hypersonic speed booster. Then the machine otstykovyvatsya from the carrier and is planning to target.

The US are developing hypersonic weapons since the end of 1980-ies, however, work on its creation was greatly accelerated after March 2018 on the creation and successful testing of a hypersonic glider “avant-garde” announced the President of Vladimir Putin. At the end of 2019, the Ministry of defense of put the first rocket complex “Avangard” on combat duty.

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