The Americans docked wing and fuselage demonstrator supersonic passenger plane

The American company Boom Supersonic docked wing and fuselage demonstrator supersonic transport aircraft of the XB-1, the rollout of which is planned for the summer of 2020. As writes Flightglobal, the Assembly operation was carried out in April this year, however, the company has announced just now.

The wing and the fuselage of the aircraft collected separately on different stocks. This is due to technical processes and manufacturing variability of these structures. Before adjusting the wing normally passes the initial static test. The connection of the wing and fuselage is an important step in the Assembly of the aircraft.

The mass wing of the XB-1 with the center section is 329 pounds. It is manufactured mainly from composite materials and is a single center section element. Before docking with the fuselage the wing has passed static tests. These tests concluded on 22 Mar 2020.

The development of the XB-1 has been ongoing since 2010 years. Technology gained in this project, Boom Supersonic plans to use in the construction of advanced supersonic passenger aircraft Overture, designed to carry 55-75 passengers depending on configuration. It is planned to start commercial operation in the middle of the 2020-ies.

The length of the XB-1 is 20.7 meters, and the wingspan is 5.2 metres. The estimated cruising speed of the new plane is 2.2 Mach number and the flight range is 1.9 thousand kilometers. Maximum takeoff weight of the demonstrator is 6.1 tons. The aircraft is equipped with only a two-seater cockpit.

In early April this year, the Federal office of civil aviation USA added rules for certification of supersonic aircraft and requirements for noise, introducing into the document a new category — “Supersonic Level 1”. Under it will be subject to aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight of not more than 68 tons, capable of flying at speeds no more than 1.8 Mach.

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