The Americans dropped a cruise missile with Transporter

Specialists of the U.S. air force conducted tests designed to demonstrate that military transport aircraft can be used as bombers. As writes Flightglobal, during the tests, the military pushed out of the plane of the transport pallet with two models of cruise missiles. These tests were deemed successful.

Over the past few years, the U.S. air force addressed the concept of”flying Arsenal”. It provides the ability to create aircraft capable of carrying a large number of missile and bomb armament. One of the variants of the concept suggests that missiles with such plane will be started at the command from the fighter, which, on the contrary, will be suspended at least possible weapons.

Test reset cruise missiles from a transport aircraft was conducted in January 2020, the specialists of the Research laboratory of the U.S. air force and special operations Forces United States air force, but the military reported it only now. Models of rockets was thrown off the Transporter special purpose MC-130J Commando II.

During the tests the military in total dumped five transport pallets with six mass-dimensional layouts of cruise missiles CLEAVER, designed for launch from a transport aircraft. The supplies were dropped at different heights via a stern ramp.

US air force first introduced the concept of “flying arsenals,” the U.S. air force in 2016. On a special aircraft will establish communications and image processing, thanks to which they will be able to receive data from drones and sensors to other combat aircraft.

“Flying arsenals” and get a system that is compatible with the ground stations to request air support, which are armed with Marines and U.S. Army. In addition to the role of the “warehouse of weapons” the new aircraft will be able to act as communication nodes.

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