The Americans felt electric nine-seater Cessna 208B

American company AeroTEC together with magniX conducted the first flight test of the electrified passenger Cessna 208B Grand Caravan. According to the message AeroTEC flight tests took place at the airport “Grant County” in Moses lake, Washington. Held check was deemed successful.

It is believed that the electrical transport is more ecological and economical than traditional aircraft with internal combustion engines. In this case replace the airlines current fleet aircraft, the new electric will be very expensive. It is assumed that the alteration of conventional aircraft in the electric is a cheaper alternative to buying new aircraft.

In the framework of the project for the electrification of Cessna Grand Caravan plane was replaced by a turboprop engine Pratt & Whitney PT6A-140 with a capacity of 648 kilowatt electric motor magni500 capacity of 560 kilowatts. What other alterations have subjected the aircraft, is not specified. Conversion Cessna 208B produced in the framework of the project eCaravan to create electric aircraft for local airlines.

In December last year, canadian airline, Harbour Air has conducted the first flight test of the electrified passenger seaplane DHC-2 Beaver. Tested the aircraft became the world’s first electric passenger seaplane. Currently, the company is engaged in certification of the aircraft and plans to electrify a significant part of their DHC-2.

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