The Americans have created a controlled ferry robotector

American engineers have developed robotector, the form of which can
controlled by changing the volume of the individual modules and actuators,
it is composed of. It is based on the evaporation process during the heating and the condensation process during cooling of the liquid. The invention can be used for
creating medical devices that are needed, for example, to conduct mechano said in an article published in
journal of Advanced Materials Technologies.

Soft robots and wearable soft devices from textile with a safe interaction with the environment and man are perfectly suited for medical applications, for example rehabilitation of mechanotherapy. The majority of these devices includes in its design pneumatic or hydraulic actuatorsthat is required on pumps, valves and pipelines. This additional equipment increases the weight and decreases mobility, so the engineers are working on alternative designs of the actuators.

American engineers led by Conor Walsh (Conor Walsh) and Vanessa Sanchez (Vanessa Sanchez) from the Institute of bioengineering Wyss at Harvard University have developed a soft robotic textiles, the form of which can be changed by using actuators based on phase transition liquid-vapor and equipped with a control system with feedback.

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