The Americans have developed a drone helicopter to launch from a grenade launcher

Specialists of the Research laboratory of the US Army has developed a project of a miniature unmanned aerial vehicle of the helicopter type, intended to run from a grenade launcher caliber 40 mm. As writes Stars & Stripes, this drone will allow soldiers to quickly carry out reconnaissance or surveillance on enemy positions.

Developed by the U.S. military apparatus is a cylindrical shell, equipped with a management controller, lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 850 milliamp-hour Electromera and rotor with two folding blades. In addition, part of the shell opposite the rotor, is mounted stabilized camera.

It is expected that after the launch of the grenade launcher, the UAV will expand the rotor blades and under the control of the operator fly to the target. The range of the drone is 2 kilometres. He is able to rise to the height of 610 meters and stay aloft for up to 90 minutes. During the finalization of the project the drone also will be equipped with a GPS receiver to determine the coordinates of the enemy.

Project drone helicopter belongs to the family miniature drones GLUAS (grenade-launched unmanned aerial system, unmanned aerial vehicle grenade launch). In March this year Research laboratory of the US Army has patented another drone of this family: the apparatus with a wing, a paraglider and a pusher propeller.

Drones family GLUAS can be run using the single-shot M79 grenade launcher, M203 grenade or heavy machine-automatic Mk.19. All of these grenade launchers have a caliber of 40 millimeters. When you plan to start testing a new drone, the us military did not disclose.

In 2018, the General Director scientifically-production Association “Pribor” Yuri Nabokov saidthat the company plans to develop a series of special grenades with electronics for the advanced grenade launcher “Balkan” caliber of 40 millimeters. Among the special munitions, a grenade will include cameras for video surveillance and electronic warfare systems.

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