The Americans have developed mobile nuclear microreactor

The Ministry of defense has ordered three U.S. companies to develop prototype mobile micro-fusion reactor. As reports Defense Aerospace, the development device is carried out in the framework of the project Pele. In the design of the prototypes, the military took the companies two years, after which there will be the selected one of the firms for the production of a prototype installation and testing.

With the development of weapons technology, the military need for energy is constantly increasing. Military bases, field camps, outposts, combat lasers, different robots require power, to ensure that in field conditions it is extremely difficult and expensive.

On average, U.S. armed forces consumed annually 30 TWh of electricity and about 14 billion liters of fuel. It is assumed that the mobile micro fusion cell will provide the growing needs of the armed forces. As one of the tasks that will be solved by using the microreactor, the Pentagon has described the provision of energy to remote military bases.

The programme Pele contracts to develop prototypes of mobile micro-fusion reactor has got the company BWX Technologies, Westinghouse Government Services and X-energy. These agreements provide for only the creation of the microreactors and their protection.

In early 2019 , it was reportedthat the Agency defense advanced research (DARPA), the Pentagon plans in 2020 to open the project for the development of a nuclear rocket engine that could be used to move spacecraft in space inside the lunar orbit. A promising project called ROAR (Reactor On A Rocket, the reactor in the rocket).

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