The Americans have experienced is capable of detecting hypersonic targets radar

The American company Raytheon has tested a radar station for anti-aircraft Patriot missile system, able to detect and track hypersonic targets. According to the message , the first tests of the radar, recognized as successful, was conducted in laboratory controlled conditions.

The development of a new radar for Patriot missile systems is conducted in the autumn of 2019, the project LTAMDS. This project involves the creation of systems that will allow you to organize a unified system of air and missile defense. By agreement with the military, Raytheon until the end of 2022 must gather and pass on test six samples of a new radar for Patriot.

Anti-aircraft Patriot missile systems capable of detecting targets at ranges of up to 180 kilometers and simultaneous tracking of up to 125 of them. Thus the Patriot is capable of simultaneously firing up to six targets flying at altitudes from 60 meters to 24 kilometers at speeds of up to two thousand meters per second.

During the first testing elements of advanced radar specialists Raytheon spent setting transmit-receive modules, and also checked their work using various simulation purposes. All the verification is considered completely successful.

Now the experts Raytheon will assemble all elements of the radar in a single unit, and then begin field trials of a prototype station including using real targets.

Promising radar for the Patriot missile systems were active phased antenna grid and transmitting-receiving modules is made on the basis of gallium nitride instead of traditional to modern systems of radar gallium arsenide.

Due to the production of items based on gallium nitride in the radar was able to organize the redundancy transceiver modules. This allows not only to increase resolution of the station and detection range, but also significantly increase its reliability. The radar features continuous 360-degree view.

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