The Americans have satellites detect hypersonic missiles in 2022

The Agency for space development, part of the Space forces of the United States, unveiled the preliminary specifications for advanced reconnaissance satellites, which will be responsible for the detection and tracking of hypersonic weapons. As writes C4ISRNET, according to the document, print the first spacecraft into orbit is planned in 2022 fiscal year (will begin in October 2021). The first instalment will include eight vehicles.

In December 2018, Deputy Minister of defense for research and development Michael Griffin announcedthat the future protection system of hypersonic weapons will require complete and accurate radar coverage, observing systems space-based and advanced interceptors. To create protection systems of hypersonic weapons will have to solve a few problems, one of which is the lack of U.S. radar stations in the far review capable of controlling the space at a distance of several thousand kilometers.

Part of the advanced protection systems of hypersonic weapons will need to include new satellites, capable of detecting flying in the atmosphere of hypersonic objects. According to Griffin, currently the United States by such detection systems do not have, and the existing satellites to detect and track the hypersonic target usually can’t. Finally, the new system will require interceptors that can hit hypersonic targets at long range on malomanevrenny their cruising phase of flight.

The Agency for space development, the U.S. plans to conclude with one of the companies the contract to develop and manufacture the first batch of eight reconnaissance satellites with a wide viewing angle. These devices must be equipped with infrared detection systems. These devices also must be able to communicate with satellites cellular satellite network, the deployment of which is also planned to start in 2022. Applications for participation in the development of the military will take up to 21 may 2020.

In February of this year, the Agency, the missile defense (MDA) has announced a tender to develop prototype systems of interception of hypersonic weapons. The tender was called Hypersonic Glide Phase Regional Defense Weapons System (regional system of defense against hypersonic weapons at the planning stage). The program involves the creation of a system of management objectives hypersonic interceptor and the interceptor. According to the results of the tender will be conducted flight tests of the interceptor, and it will only show the possibility of fast flight and control in the air.

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