The Americans held a roll-out cargo drone

American company Sabrewing Aircraft conducted a prospective roll-out of a cargo unmanned aerial vehicles long duration flight Rhaegal-A. writes Aviation Weekroll-out was carried out in the framework of the United States air force Agility is Prime, assuming the borrowing of technologies of the electric air taxis and hybrid aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing. Testing cargo drone is scheduled to begin in the near future.

The ceremony of rolling out the unmanned vehicle was carried out in virtual mode — it was broadcast all interested in project parties. As such, the ceremony was held because of restrictions imposed at the time of the pandemic coronavirus. According to the plans of developers, will soon begin ground tests promising drone, and closer to the end of the year he will make the first flight. In 2021 Sabrewing Aircraft plans to obtain the type certificate for Rhaegal from the European aviation safety Agency, and 2022 — from the Federal office of civil aviation USA.

Development Rhaegal is conducted in 2018. Rhaegal-A represents half reduced prototype of a cargo drone. A full-sized device will have a length of 8.6 meters and a wingspan of 10 meters. The unit will receive four blower motor. They will be installed two in the nose and tail parts of the drone. For the power of the electric motors and on-Board equipment will meet the generator capacity of 2.5 MW on the basis of two turboshaft engines Ardiden 3. Such, for example, put on an multi-purpose helicopters Ka-62.

Under the project, a cargo drone can carry loads of up to 363 kilograms, provided vertical takeoff and landing and up to 455 kilograms, provided short takeoff and vertical landing. The UAV will be designed for flights on distance to 1,9 thousand kilometers at speeds of up to 370 kilometers. Other details about the drone are not specified.

In February this year, the American company Bell Helicopter has experienced promising unmanned cargo tailsitter APT 70 flight beyond line of sight of the operator. During the tests the UAV in automatic mode, flew for about 16 kilometers. The inspections were conducted at the site of unmanned aircraft “Choctaw” in Oklahoma.

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