The Americans introduced the drone aircraft for non-stop delivery

American startup ThereCraft presented the draft prospective unmanned aerial vehicle aircraft type YCS17, which can be used for immediate delivery of cargo without landing. Tests of the model conducted in December last year.

Today, a large number of companies engaged in the development of drones for mail delivery, shopping or medication. The vast majority of cases, such devices represent a multicopter capable of vertical takeoff and landing. Such drones usually have a relatively small speed and range.

The drone-type aircraft developed ThereCraft, are able to fly at a greater distance and at greater speed than multi-rotors. According to the company, these properties will be useful if you need to quickly deliver medication or other important cargo in an emergency.

According to the project on arrival to the destination YCS17 makes a dive, falling to a minimum distance from the ground and drops the package with the load. After that the machine goes into a steep climb and returns to the starting point.

A prototype device made by the scheme “flying wing”, which is located within the compartment for cargo. At the ends of the wing mounted vertical fins. In the lower part of the airframe of the UAV is a hatch, through which occurs the discharge of the goods at the designated point. Other details about the prospective development were not disclosed.

Earlier Singaporean Engineering company ST together with the Norwegian logistics operator Wilhelmsen Ships Service has announced about the intention to conduct system tests parcel delivery drones on ships, located at a distance from the shoreline. During testing cargo drone will fly beyond line of sight of the operator.

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