The Americans introduced the modular landing station for air taxi

The American company Beta Technologies has introduced a modular and prefabricated station for take-off, landing and maintenance of the electric air taxis. It consists of several ISO containers, batteries, tools and parts for servicing vehicles, as well as living quarters for recreational pilots. Due to their own batteries, the station can charge air taxi between flights, even in the event of a power outage from the grid.

Over the past few years many companies presented their projects for air taxis and some of them have already started testing prototypes. Usually, air taxi means an aircraft with multiple propellers driven by powerful electric motors (in this part of the project elektrodvigateli get energy from the internal combustion engine-generator). It is assumed that they will mainly be used in cities and suburbs, helping to quickly deliver people and cargo to bypass traffic jams and other obstacles.

The development of associated infrastructure for aerotaxi yet are slower. For example, even in large cities there is not enough helipads for take-off and landing, and they are usually not equipped with powerful grid to charge a fully electric air taxis. In the suburbs this role can be assumed by the regional airports, but they are fairly rare and is not always adapted for electric aviation.

The company Beta Technologies, is experiencing its own version of the electric air taxi presented a simple station for electric and hybrid air taxis that can be quickly deployed in the right place and at the same time to select for a specific task components. For ease of handling and manufacturing the company took as a basis for modules of standard ISO containers, which is widely used for the transportation of goods.

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