The Americans offered to transfer control helicopters on the way

American company Skyryse introduced the system of automatic piloting FlightOS, which allows you to easily control virtually any aircraft and put it on the screen of the tablet or a joystick. As writes eVTOL, testing of the system is made on besprochenen light helicopter Robinson R44.

The developers believe that the new system will significantly speed up the training of the people to control helicopters and planes. If it is to manage such aircraft will be able larger number of people. Ultimately, this will improve the mobility of people.

FlightOS system can be equipped with any modern and advanced aircraft equipped with fly-by-wire control system. Such a helicopter or aircraft the company proposes to install on-Board computing system, radar and camera.

FlightOS able to fully control the aircraft. Due to this control of the helicopter or plane is reduced to the simplistic commands for takeoff, landing, or turning and all automatic flight to the specified point. Test FlightOS has already taken place. During the inspection, two employees Skyryse, not knowing how to pilot a helicopter using a tablet operated Robinson R44.

Currently Skyryse deals with certification of the new system in accordance with the basic and supplementary requirements of the Federal office of civil aviation USA.

In December last year Skyryse tested system that allows you to turn into a drone of any modern helicopter. The developers believe that in the future, this system will allow relatively cheap to organize unmanned air taxi service on the existing fleet.

The new system of obespylivanija helicopters got the name Luna. It’s designed for easy four-seater Robinson R44 helicopter, but can be modified for installation on any other commercial helicopter.

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