The Americans protected the electrical design of composite aircraft

American company, Bye Aerospace, defended the project promising double electric aircraft eFlyer 2, the airframe of which is fully made of composite materials. As writes Flightglobal, soon the company will start assembling the production version of the aircraft, the first flight is scheduled for late 2020. In 2021 Bye Aerospace expects to receive the type certificate for the eFlyer 2.

It is believed that electric planes are easier to design than the usual batteries and electric motors gives a certain freedom in the placement of these components and assemblies inside the glider. For eliminating the fuel system and the small size of the electric motor in the aircraft freed up more space.

In addition, the developers believe that electric airplanes will be significantly easier and cheaper to operate than traditional aircraft. At the same time as the development of technology the range of electric airplanes will continue to increase.

Currently, the company Bye Aerospace is testing prototype eFlyer 2, which made its first flight in April 2018. This aircraft is also fully made of composite materials. It is equipped with a motor Rolls-Royce RRP70D capacity of 90 kilowatts and a battery for 750 volts.

The aircraft is able to fly at a speed of 135 knots (about 250 kilometers per hour) and to stay in the air for up to 3 hours. In the near future, Bye Aerospace will begin testing different configurations of the air screws to 2 eFlyer to choose the best match.

In parallel, Bye Aerospace is engaged in designing four-seater electric plane 4 eFlyer. Deliveries of this aircraft to customers are scheduled to begin in 2022. In total, the American company has already received about 350 orders electrocapillary eFlyer eFlyer 2 and 4.

Earlier it became knownthat the Slovene lightweight double electric aircraft, Electro Velis, the company Pipistrel has been successfully certified by the European aviation safety Agency. He became the world’s first fully-electric aircraft, which received the type certificate.

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