The Americans redesigned supersonic business jet

The American company Aerion redesigned the advanced supersonic 12-seater business jet, the AS2, the development of which is engaged with 2014. As written by Aviation Week, the number of changes made to the project, triangular wing, tail cropped and changed the location of the engines. The developers believe that with the new changes, the aircraft will not only “quiet” when flying at supersonic speed, but also economical.

The original AS2 project envisaged the creation of a supersonic aircraft with a length of 51.8 meters height — 6.7 meters with a wingspan of 18.6 meters. Maximum takeoff weight of supersonic aircraft were to amount to 54.8 tons. AS2 is planned to equip three engines, thrust each of which will be about 69 kN. The aircraft is designed to carry up to 12 passengers. It was assumed that the AS2 will be able to fly over water at a cruising speed of 1.4 Mach number, decelerate to 1.2 over land. The flight range of the aircraft at the speed of 1.4 Mach number was to be of 7.8 thousand kilometers.

According to the original project, the aircraft was planned to equip the wing, provides laminar flow. The developers planned to offer two engines in the engine compartment under the wing on each side of the fuselage, and the third is in the engine compartment on the tail of the aircraft. The tail Assembly was planned to perform a T-line setup in the engine compartment the tail motor.

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