The Americans turned a light sport aircraft into a military drone

Research laboratory of the US air force converted to a military reconnaissance drone Surveyor light sport aircraft Sinus, produced by Slovenian company Pipistrel. As written by Aviation Week, the redesigned unit was delivered to the special operations Forces of the U.S. for testing.

Some of the developers and the military is considering a remake of manned aircraft to unmanned as a way to quickly and relatively cheaply to obtain multi-purpose and reconnaissance drones. The similarity of these drones with manned vehicles, in some cases, can enhance reconnaissance and surveillance.

Unmanned Surveyor got thermal imaging and electro-optical camera that can shoot high-definition video. In addition, the drone is able to stay aloft for up to 30 hours, were equipped with electronic intelligence system. Conversion of the aircraft into a UAV was conducted in the framework of a pilot programme to assess the effectiveness and appropriateness of such modifications.

Light sport aircraft single Sinus has a length of 6.6 m and wingspan of 14.9 meters. It is equipped with a piston engine Rotax 912 UL2 capacity of 80 horsepower and can fly at speeds of up to 220 kilometers per hour. The aircraft’s range is about 1.2 thousand kilometers.

Previously the American company UAVOS presented a cargo drone created based on a light two-seat helicopter Robinson R-22. The new device is designed for the delivery of goods and for use in search-and-rescue and humanitarian operations.

A cargo drone on the basis of R-22 can carry loads up to 180 pounds. The device can stay aloft for up to six hours and reach speeds of up to 160 kilometers per hour. The maximum flight range of the drone is 1020 miles.

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