The Americans will test the upgrade “firmware” of the ships at sea

United States Navy at the beginning of 2021 will conduct trials of new technologies with which it will be possible to remotely update the software ships in the sea. As writes C4ISRNET, in these test, the software is updated on the aircraft carrier “Abraham Lincoln” type “Nimitz”.

Modern ships are, in a sense represent the floating computers on Board are installed a lot of computer systems that control the individual devices and weapons and groups of systems. The use of computers allows to reduce the speed of execution of combat tasks, for example, with a high rate to fire the enemy targets while adjusting the fire, given the excitement of the sea.

On-Board computers of the ships today are only updated on the bases during maintenance and repair that are held every few years. While the software updates usually don’t add new functionality. This is done for security reasons — not tested on specific ship programs in the campaign can give a serious crash or hang.

In the framework of the technology development of remote update software ships experts have resorted to the concept of digital doubles. It involves the creation of an exact virtual copy of a real ship. This copy allows you to accurately estimate the resources of all components and assemblies of the ship, to conduct virtual testing of new systems and software.

Thanks to the technology of digital doubles specialists had the opportunity to test new software without involving a real ship. The first American ship, which was a digital double, in the fall of 2019 was the aircraft carrier “Abraham Lincoln”. Currently creating a virtual copy of the USS “Theodore Roosevelt”.

It is assumed that the technology for remote software updates ships will allow you to eliminate bugs and add new functionality to the programs as available updates themselves and not to the ports of registry during routine maintenance. Development of the technology was conducted in the fall of 2018 at the request of the U.S. Navy.

In 1998, the American cruiser “Yorktown” type “Ticonderoga” failed with the operating system Windows NT 4.0. Because of this ceased to function most of the onboard systems of the ship, which has become almost unmanageable. Experts managed to fix the problem and return the system to a working state only after 2 hours and 45 minutes.

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