The ancient Egyptians called the sky iron bowl of water

In result of linguistic analysis of texts of Ancient Egypt Egyptologist from the United States suggested that the Egyptians imagined the sky as the iron bowl of water in the form of a bowl or eggs. From this tank could drop the water as rain or bits of iron — meteorites. In an article published in the journal The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology, the author illustrates the relationship of the character N41 (?) and the word bjȝ (iron) with this vision of the sky.

Meteoric iron was discovered and used even before the Iron age, when the products of this metal is widespread. The earliest finds of iron artefacts dated to the sixth Millennium BC. During this period, items of iron was a luxury: they were placed in the tombs of the richest people (for example, Pharaoh Tutankhamen) or used in important rituals. However, archaeology does not provide a complete understanding of the role played metal in my life of primitive people. She comes to the aid of the analysis of ancient texts, including etymological: words and symbols, which are used for the description of phenomena, can tell a lot about people’s attitudes to this phenomenon.

Victoria Almansa, Villatoro (Victoria Almansa-Villatoro) from brown University, investigated the value of the Egyptian hieroglyphs N41 (?). It is found next to the words that mean the sky, metals and women and Egyptologist has suggested that N41 can be associated with the cultural value of iron. It examined the use of lexeme bjȝ n pt (b-A-n-PT), which denotes iron. Pt noun translated as “sky”, and the meaning of the word bjȝ not clear until the end. bjȝ can mean iron in the narrow sense, and in General to metals and stone. In addition, the word is associated with the notion of the sky as the ocean, over which you must cross (this context is often found in the pyramid Texts). The blue sky like water color, water falls from the sky in the form of rain — probably the Egyptians could assume that the sky is the vessel, filled with water, and N41 may denote such a vision of heaven.

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