The appearance of relatives caused the stress have raised in isolation zebrafish

Zebrafish, which outgrowth alone, avoiding relatives, but differed from the fish-individuals, who from birth were in the society. Forced single zebrafish less active than singles, and their brains are more sensitive to visual and social stimuli. The appearance of the cousins had grown up in the isolation of fish anxiety, and the suppression of the tranquilizer helped zebrafish more responsive to other fish. Article published in the journal eLife.

Fish zebrafish are social animals that are already 2-3 weeks old they begin to reach for the other dogs and prefer being in the company of solitude. But every tenth zebrafish becomes a loner, avoiding fish aggregations and ignores social signals. Such individuals lone meet and among other social animals, including humans, but the causes and mechanisms of social exclusion has not been well studied.

Enforced solitude when you fish against their will find themselves outside of society, associated with the decline in interest in other dogs and some changes in brain activity. It remains an open question whether similar fish single on single individuals at the behavioral and neuronal level and can influence the desire zebrafish to stay away from relatives.

Scientists from University College London under the leadership of Elena Dreosti (Elena Dreosti) isolated zebrafish from neighbors in different time intervals: part fish raised in isolation, the part has settled out in a separate aquarium for two days, and control animals did not leave the society. To test social preferences of the fish, it was placed in an installation in which through the glass sailed her two brothers. Zebrafish could be next to them or across to another compartment, where relatives could not be seen.

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