The Australian has discovered seven new species of spiders of Skakunov

A zoologist from Australia have described seven new species of spiders of Skakunov of the genus Maratus. These animals bright color of the abdomen and unusual mating dances. Detailed description of the new species published in the journal Zootaxa.

Spiders-Sokoniki of the genus Maratus — the little animals the size of up to five millimeters. Their females are ugly and have a gray color and the males have colored abdomen with bright patterns and long third legs. The rear pair of limbs these spiders use in their mating rituals males kick my feet up, they vibrate and dance before a female. Rod singled in 1878, and since then, scientists have described 78 species of Maratus. They are widespread mainly in Australia.

Joseph Schubert (Joseph Schubert), a zoologist from Monash University, was not the first to find new species of spiders of Skakunov, this time he was able to describe seven. The scientist collected a few individuals of each species in Victoria, South and Western Australia, described in detail their morphology, color, habitat, and mating dance.

New species of spiders differ mainly in coloration of the abdomen of males. Females of different species are externally impossible to distinguish, so the species can be determined only by the males who care for them.

Two new species were named in accordance with the drawing: M. constellatus translates from Latin as “star” — they have the blue-purple abdomen bright yellow dots.

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