The bombing of the Second world reached the space infrasound

waves from the bombing of Germany and other countries of Europe by the Western allies from 1943 to 1945 came
to the ionosphere and heat it up, reducing ionization, researchers found, article
which is published in the journal Annales

volcanoes, explosions and other events of such magnitude within the Earth and
on its surface create infrasound waves, which can reach the top
layers of the atmosphere and influence them. Christopher Scott (Christopher Scott) and Patrick
Major (Patrick Major) from the University of reading used data on the bombing of Berlin, Frankfurt and other European cities during the Second world war,
which know quite a lot, in order to try to evaluate
this effect.

“It’s amazing
to see how the vibrations generated by man-made explosions can affect
the boundary of the space. Every RAID of allies have released energy comparable
least 300 lightning strikes. This power allowed us to assess how
events on the Earth’s surface can affect the ionosphere,” said Scott, whose
the word brings the press service of the European Union of earth Sciences.

The scientists collected
the data of daily observations for the years 1943-1945 at the Station study
radio waves in the British Slough, where in 1933 studied the state of the ionosphere
at the height of from 100 to 300 kilometers. Comparing these data with information on the dates
152 major raids of the allied forces in Europe and the mass of shells used (from 100 to 900 tons), they
showed that shock waves from the explosions of bombs, apparently, heated
the upper layer of the atmosphere and reduced its ionization, and continued the effect up to

The authors of the article
note that to assess the impact of the bombing of London in the first years of the war in
the ionosphere is more complicated, as they were continuous, and to separate the effect of explosions from
natural oscillations of the ionosphere will be more difficult. In 1943-1945 London
fired relatively weaker rockets “FAU-1 and FAU-2”. In addition,
allied bombing during this period was due to the more powerful four-engined
bombers or more powerful missiles-blockbusters.

also encourage volunteers to help them with the digitization of earlier atmospheric
data to assess the impact of smaller bombings and to determine
the minimum energy of the explosion for the reaction of the ionosphere, which can
to register for instrumental.

The ionosphere is still studied poorly enough, and the setup of the study usually attract a lot of attention. Oh, probably the most famous of them, HAARP, we have a blog, “your Name is five letters”.

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