The booms of the project The Ocean Cleanup was ineffective against plastic in the ocean

The booms of the project The Ocean Cleanup to the year 2150 will be able to extract no more than five percent of plastic from the surface of the oceans. However, the widespread installation of barriers at the mouths of rivers, this figure could rise to 54 percent. The results of a study published in the journal Science of total environment.

Annually from land into the oceans comes from five to thirteen million tons of plastic. It deals damage to marine biota and via the food chains back to the people. In recent years, the media reported about the interesting projects focused on plastic pollution. One of his most famous project Send Boyan, The Ocean Cleanup, which has already managed to collect about $ 30 million on development. One of the objectives of the project in the near future — to halve the area of the Pacific garbage patches with the booms in a U-shaped floating traps. These devices are more Autonomous than classic booms — they can float on water for months, collecting the trash and maintaining strong waves and storms.

The main goal of the project is to eliminate 90 percent of the plastic pollution of the oceans using new technologies. Unlike The Ocean Cleanup from other initiatives is that it is not just the Foundation and a team of engineers, gidrofizike and chemists. They are trying to perform a complete cleaning of surface from plastic, that is, on their own develop and produce oil booms, to collect plastic and recycle it. So far, however, was not carried out large-scale scientific assessments of the effectiveness of their technologies for gathering microplastic in the ocean.

Scientists under the leadership of the Hon Sonka (Sönke Hohn) from the Center for tropical marine research Leibniz made a prediction of the elimination of plastic pollution of the oceans in the coming decades under different scenarios. The scenario “no change” (business as usual, BAU) assumes the absence of any measures to reduce the amount of plastic entering the ocean. Scripts and 1CD 200CD correspond to the commissioning of respectively one or two hundred booms (cleanup devices, CD) in the framework of the project The Ocean Cleanup, RB (river barriers) of barriers to the penetration of plastic from rivers into the ocean, RB+200CD — the combination of these technologies.

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