The Boring Company completed the construction of tunnels in Las Vegas

The Boring Company completed both tunnels of the future rapid transit system in Las Vegas, which will be the first commercial project for the company, reports The Verge. The system will allow visitors to the Convention center to travel between its buildings on the Tesla and the electric bus, developed specifically for this purpose.

The Boring Company was founded by Elon Musk in late 2016. In 2017, he introduced the concept of urban transport system, consisting of an extensive network of tunnels for vehicles with a plurality of vertical exits to the surface. Stated that cars will be able to quickly move between the tunnel and surface on the elevators, and then move through the tunnel at speeds above 200 kilometers per hour.

Initially, the concept meant that the tunnels will be available to all cars, because they will carry electric flat truck. However, after the opening of the first test tunnel in Los Angeles wasthat the company changed plans and put in their tunnels only electric cars, and options installed on the wheels to hold in the tunnel. In addition, the company decided to create its tunnel electric minibus on the platform of the Tesla Model 3 with a capacity of about 15 people and to give priority to such transport.

In 2019, the authorities of Las Vegas gave The Boring Company the right to build in the city its first commercial project — a tunnel under the Convention center of the city, which hosts major exhibitions such as CES. In the autumn of 2019, the company began drilling the first of two parallel tunnels with a length of 1.34 km (or 0.83 miles). Now she finished the excavation of both tunnels and take their equipment, as well as the arrangement of the two exits to the surface at the ends of tunnels and underground stations in the middle of the route.

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